Innovative Ideas to Add Value – Laser Etching

With new products coming out every day, business owners need to come up with new and exciting ways to add value to their products. An example of one such product that has come out in the last couple years is the YETI Tumbler. These YETI Tumblers help keep beverages hot or cold depending on the users preference. Now you may ask, “how can you improve such a great product?” the answer is simple; laser etching. Laser etchings value add comes in the form of custom logos, names, dates, and even personalized information. Common uses for laser etching can be used as a gift for a loved one or for corporate awards. While the YETI was not invented to be personalized, its a product that is constantly turning heads, and because of the increase in demand for these tumblers, the engraving supplier companies have started developing products with the sole intention of having them laser etched. These companies have released products that are similar to the YETI to provide an alternative for customers. This just goes to show that with a little innovation, great products can still be modified to add value. This won’t stop here; everyday people are finding different ways to laser etch their products. Some people think that you need a special rotary attachment to laser etch on a cylindrical object, but the truth is you can laser etch on a cylindrical item just fine. The difference is that with a rotary attachment you can utilize more of the object vs having a small window of focus.

When thinking about what items that Intelligraphic Solutions can laser etch for you, keep in mind what the material of the object. For instance, with stainless steel we can use a product like CerMark to help create a bond on the material. With other materials we may not need to add anything to laser etch them. For example, we can laser etch anodized aluminum without the addition of a product like CerMark. We’ve laser etched flash drives and key chains that are made out of anodized aluminum. Contact us with your idea and see how Intelligraphic Solutions can utilize laser etching to bring your products and parts to life!