Thermoplastic Line Bending

Thermoplastic line bending can be used to produce safety guards, product holders and other custom products. Line bending also allows items such as display stands, leaflet dispensers and acrylic signs to be fabricated from flat material. If you’re interested in producing a custom plastic stand or one-off, please fill out the request form and one of our salesmen will contact you to discuss your project. All design uploads will be met with a proof of work and a estimated cost for labor.

Information on Line Bending:

Line bending is a thermoforming process and is a method of forming a thermoplastic after it has been heated until it has become soft and pliable. This process involves heating a thermoplastic sheet material over a strip heater until it becomes soft and pliable, then bending it, usually over a former. Thermoplastics may be bent to any angle, using a jig or a former, or if the angle is not critical, simply by bending the thermoplastic sheet by hand and then holding it until it has cooled.

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